Music Fans Factory for Windows 10


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Music Fans Factory is a package which includes the tools for recording audio streams, convert music files, audio editing, recording both audio CDs and files as mp3. The application consists of: CONVERT AUDIO (convert music files from one format to *. Wav, *. PCM *. MP3, *. Wma, *. OGG, *. AAC, *. M4a, *. AMR; RECORD AUDIO (recorder input audio streams; CREATE AUDIO CDS (a tool for burning CDs), BURN MP3 CDS (record MP3 files on CD) EDIT AUDIO (a program that allows you to record sound or load and then edit it, by applying different effects, and more) . Music Fans Factory is a good option for people who need simple tools for sound treatments, and so readable interface, no Polish language should not be a problem.